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4 Cheap Web Hosting Search Tool

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 Posted by One-4-All

Web hosting, web hosting, and web hosting. There are several article that i have been made in my blog. Almost it have a same conclusion, "Find the best and suitable web hosting for your site."

For somebody maybe it isn't a difficult thing. They was know a lot of web hosting. Just open Mozilla Firefox or internet explorer, type the URL of web hosting, find the match hosting, registering and finish. But, how if someone want to find a best cheap web hosting but he doesn't know where he can find it. We can use search tool from 4 Cheap Web Hosting. 4 Cheap Web Hosting is a guide to the best rated affordable web hosting packages available online. This hosting guide has more than 200 approved web hosts with over 400 cheap web hosting packages listed.

We can search a web hosting according a price category, hosting type (share hosting, dedicated hosting, co-located hosting), disk space, bandwith, domain and email features, scripting, database, customer support, platform, or site management.
4 cheap web hosting search tool
I was tried to find a shared web hosting which have a price under less than $5.00/month and lest than $30.00/month with this tool, and for the result this tool have found 17 list shared web hosting.
  1. Host Color
  2. Host Color
  4. PurleyHosting
  5. TTechPT
  6. ZeroGravy
  7. Xyls
  8. etc
Web Hosting Search Result ListFor a new person who doesn't really know about how to choose a best hosting for yout site, 4 Cheap Web Hosting provide a several web hosting tutorials. Another thing that you can find in this place is Web Hosting Glossary of Terms, for example FTP. According this site, FTP is "File Transfer Protocol" and is generally used to share files between two computers. Usually you must be able to log on to the host server in order to have privileges to send and receive files unless it is an Anonymous FTP server. And more glossary and term that you can find.

Hope this short tutorial can help you to find cheap web hosting that you looking for.

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