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Dedicated Hosting Servers

Wednesday, September 02, 2009 Posted by One-4-All

Dedicated Hosting ServersIn Internet or cyber world, web hosting is one of a popular word. Web hosting are companies that provide space on they own server or lease for use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. A web hosting service is a service that runs Internet servers, allowing organizations and individuals to serve content to the Internet. There are various levels of service and various kinds of services offered.

There are several type of web hosting.
  1. Free web hosting service: Free web hosting is offered by different companies with limited services.
  2. Shared web hosting service: one's Web site is placed on the same server as many other sites, ranging from a few to hundreds or thousands.
  3. Reseller web hosting: allows clients to become web hosts themselves.
  4. Dedicated hosting service: the user gets his or her own Web server and gains full control over it (root access for Linux/administrator access for Windows).
  5. etc
Different with a shared web hosting, dedicated hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone. For shared web hosting, one server handles the traffic (visitors) coming to all the websites it accommodates. So if your site shares a server with other high-traffic sites, then it could run slow because the server works extra hard. So maybe there are a lot of your customers or visitor get a disappoint when they try to browse your site. Maybe the site will run slow at peak times during the day, when you would expect most customers to come and buy, causing the nightmare scenario above. but, shared web hosting is more cheaper than dedicated hosting. If you have plan to make a site for online store with a lot of product or business purpose and then you have targeting a big visitor for your site, i will be better if you choose a dedicated hosting servers. One thing the importantly, when you choose some web hosting is customer technical support. We must know the effectiveness of your hosting company's customer support. Many companies offer 24/7 phone support, where you can ring them up any time day or night with a problem.

If you have looking for powerful dedicated server for your hosting, you can try to find an information about it in is one web hosting company who provides web hosting services for over 2,500 servers from two world-class data centers in the Chicago area. They have a great equipment to serve their clients.

Dedicated Hosting ServersDedicated Hosting ServersDedicated Hosting Servers

Dedicated Hosting ServersDedicated Hosting ServersDedicated Hosting Servers

SingleHop is the professional powerful dedicated server. They have won a several award. For example, SingleHop has been selected by the HostReview's editorial staff to be one of the Top 10 Hosts in the Best Managed Hosting Service category for November 2008. In December 2008, they have won the 2008 Best Dedicated Server Hosting Award. And for more important to us as they customer are customer support. They provide a customer support in 24X7 in a weeks. So if we have trouble, it can be solve quickly.


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