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My Blog Comment Get Problem

Friday, July 17, 2009 Posted by One-4-All

I have told by my friend that he can't send his comment on my blog. He said when he write and click send, automatically will appear verification anti spam code but she cannot write the code. It was caused the fill to write verification code doesn't appear. And then i check it by my self. And it true, i can't send my comment too.

I try to know what was happened in my blog. I think i doesn't edit my template for couple day ago. When i still thinking about it, i see there is different with blogger comment today. Now when i try to post my comment, there appear preview of my written comment. it was causing a verification code fill wasn't appeared.
Now, i will focus to know why my comment form was can't be scroll down. I go to my template code and find source of comment form. I found the root cause of this problem. It was caused by my comment form setting. My comment form setting in my template wasn't use a scroll feature, so i change it.
My comment form source code have this statement " scrolling='no' " and i change into " scrolling='yes' ". The problem was gone.

If you have the same problem in your blog, try this one. and i hope my article "My Blog Comment Get Problem" is useful for us.

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