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7 SEO Tips

Monday, July 20, 2009 Posted by One-4-All

SEO, Search engine optimization is one of thing that are very important for our blog. With great SEO, we can get a lof of traffic from seacrh engine. How we have a great SEO? It's also my dream. But when i blogwlaking to another great blog, i have a great article about my SEO. It's call 7 SEO tips. Now i want to share it for all in my blog.

There is a saying, "Content is king". And it’s 100% true. A blog is known from it’s quality. It does not make any sense if you are having some thousand posts, but having a handful of quality posts matters. So, we all should know the ways and tricks of posting powerful contents. Here, I will tell you the most important 7 SEO tips that you need to follow before posting an article.
Few times we feel that we have quality contents, a nice theme, still why we have less readers! And the simple answer is lack of SEO knowledge. SEO is like the bus who brings passengers. And if you have not made your bus stop look like a bus stop, then no passenger will stop there. So, the thing is that how you present your blog.
We make contents for people. But people don’t know us. People know search engines. So, we have to get known by the search engines so that they will start referring us to those people. And this is not that much difficult also. By following some simple ways, you can achieve that easily. It may take some time, but after sometime, you will be there, rocking!

At first lets learn some quick SEO tips. You need to follow these tips while posting your future articles. Keep one thing in mind, these SEO rules are not optional, they are complusory if you want to stand tall in this race. Lets discuss about those tips now.

7 SEO Tips

1. Post Title : Post title is one of the leading SEO factors. People get the idea about your post from your post title. And remember, search engines put a high value to this. So, your post title should be eye catchy. It should contain your post’s keywords. Do not repeat your keywords in the post title. One keyword is just enough. Keep it short and try not to go beyond 10 words.

2. Grammar : Do not take people for granted. They are on your site to know something, and excessive grammar mistakes will make them annoyed. If you are familiar with the common blogging language, i.e english, then go on. But if you are not, then try to keep your post short. Just post the important things and do not try to go more than that. Few times we want to do good, but in the end we feel allas!

3. Numbers : This is a very cool and interesting observation. Let me explain this with an example. If we make a search with a word "seo tips" on google, we will get different results.
This is most expected that people will click on the first one which says "21 Essential SEO Tips & Techniques" in stead of "Dreamsubmitting SEO TIPS". Because people will think that "21 Essential SEO Tips & Techniques" is providing some accurate tips. So, try to write post names as "7 SEO Tips Before Posting An Article" or "50 Blogger Templates Download" etc.

4. Images : A single image is equal to thousands of words. So, try to use 2/3 images in your posts. People really get bored when they see large no of text words. A image can convince them the theme that you are talking about. And also, image looks nice to eyes. Most important thing is that use proper image values. Give an alternate tag (alt) to your image. Add title to it. Do not think that only posts bring visitors. If you SEO images properly, then images will also bring you people by images searches.

5. Colors/Highlighters : Lets assume that your post contents some 1200+ words. Now after publishing your post, a Googlebot will come to your post and will read that. But you need the Googlebot to put more weightage on your keywords. So, you need to highlight your keywords out of those 1200+ posts. Simply bold your keyword once or twice in your post. You can also use different colours to highlight them. Remember that there is no specific rule for it. So, you can go ahead and make them italic or underlined. The main aim is to make your keywords standout. In this way the bots will give more weightage to those words. This is a cool SEO tip. Look at the screen shot below to get the idea.

6. Presentation : We are here to interact with readers with our post. We are not here to look fancy. Do not ever write posts with fancy letters. Follow simple sentence building tips. For an example: dOnT wRiTe Lyk Dis sIncE iT MaKeS YoU LoOk sTuPiD AnD TiReS YouR fInGeRs N yOuR ShIfT BuTtOn MaY BrEaK DoWn. Bots will treat these formats as spam posts and there is a very little chance for your post to get indexed. Even if you get indexed in search ebgines, you will never come in the top lists. Simplicity is still the best way to present. If you are providing tips or something, then use list format, so that the post will look organized. Use paragraphs to keep your views. Never use capital letters.

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belly on July 21, 2009 at 2:45 AM said...

wow.. informasinya sangat bermanfaat buat saya!
terimakasih atas informasinya!
amazing article!

setiya on July 21, 2009 at 10:34 AM said...

thanks info

Softlogic on July 22, 2009 at 8:09 PM said...

thanks for posting such a useful topic in SEO on July 31, 2009 at 1:40 PM said...

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