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Template Blogger Tutorial

Monday, July 06, 2009 Posted by One-4-All

templateI was converted a couple of wordpress template, like: magazine music premium, Wcute, ePhoto. Many of my friends was ask to me how to convert it. I really don't know how to answer that question, because i just do it (convert wordpress template). I just make it into CSS style. Maybe to answer that question, i want to make a tutorial about blogger template. In this tutorial, i will give that all-iknow (all i know). But, before i make article about Template Blogger Tutorial, i want ask apologize if i have mistake in my article.

Generally, the actual structure of any templates are not exactly the same, but for the most blogs, their template consist of the headers, footers, and posts sections. But there are some sections (I'll call these sections blocks or containers afterward) that are not visible on the computer screen, but important HTML-wise to build a practical and proper working template.
A template, basically have structure like this:
Going from the biggest to the smallest blocks:

1. Body: the outer most block is the Body of your template (basically everything that the computer screen covers).

2. Outer-wrapper: this container covers your whole template (the body is more like the outside of your template). In general, you build a wrapper to place a multiple of smaller blocks inside it. The most common blocks inside this Outer-wrapper is the Header, Post, Sidebar, and Footer.

3. Header: this block is the top most part of your blog (the name is quite obvious). But inside the Header you will have other sub-blocks too - the Header Title block, the Header Description block, and others such as the Adsense banners, a menu bar, etc. So, to wrap all these sub-blocks inside one large container, the largest container in the Header section is usually a Header-wrapper that wraps everything inside.

4. Content: below the Header is the Content-wrapper - basically the most important container block of all. Immediately inside this wrapper are the Sidebar containers (1,2 or any number of sidebars) and the Main container (which contains your posts, comments, or some ads).

5. Footer: is the bottom most container of your template. As in the Header section, you'll also need a Footer-wrapper to contain other sub-blocks in the Footer section.

6. Main: the Main-wrapper is the outer most container in the Main section which goes inside the Content-wrapper. Inside this Main-wrapper are the Post block, Comment block, Date Header, and other widgets created from the Add Page Element option.

7. Sidebar: is the block that contains all your side widgets . In a standard Blogger template, you will usually find only 1 sidebar.

8. Blog Post: this block contains the important stuff - your Posts Titles, Post, Post Author, Labels, etc.


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