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Automatic Read More

Monday, July 13, 2009 Posted by One-4-All

I'm sure that you are know about read more. We are using read more in our blog to make our article will be appear separately. Some article show in the first page (main blog URL), and the last article are hidden. There are a lot of type of read more, for example is " automatic read more ". Automatic read more is one of read more type that we use to make our article will be display a half, and the last article will be shown if someone click article URL. But, this read more trick have the advantages than the other type. We shouldn't type a little bit of code in our posting like the others. We just type an article as we usually write it. If we use manual read more trick, we must write <span class='fullpost'> and </span>.

Installation and Customization

There are two main HTML codes we need to add in our templates, so the hack can work properly. These should be added from ‘Edit HTML,’ in our Blogger Dashboards, with the widget templates expanded.

First, add this script to your template before </head>

  • var thumbnail_mode = "float" ; have meaning that a picture in our article will be diplay or float to the left. If you wan't to use this style, change "float" to "no-float".

  • summary_noimg = 250; have a meaning quantity of characters that will be displayed if the article doesn't have a picture or image

  • summary_img = 250; have a meaning quantity of characters that will be displayed if the article have a picture or image

  • img_thumb_height = 120; is height size of image

  • img_thumb_width = 120; is the width size of image

  • After add that script, find out of this code. <data:post.body/>.
    And then after you find it, change with this one.

    Now you have a new read more trick in your blog. Just type your article and don't thing about anything, and read more trick will be working for your post.

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    thank to : Quite Random for this stuff.


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