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Peek a Boo Read More Style

Saturday, May 16, 2009 Posted by One-4-All

This trick is often called the peek-a-boo read more style, which is not required loading a page to display a whole page article. This style will still show some of our articles, and hide some of the others. Visitors simply click the button to show the last of the article. To use this trick required javascript. The java script is required are:

Upload the script to the web hosting. Then copy the url of script.There are another some steps that need to use this trick.
1. Sign in to your blogger account.
2. Click Layout --> Edit HTML.
3. First you must back up your template.
4. check "Expand Template Widget".
5. and then copy this code after <head>.

But before that change "URL SCRIPT" with your own
6. and then find this code

7. Change that code to become like this one

8. and then loking up for this code

9. Add this code right after that code.

so all code become like this one:

'Read All Article' dan 'Summary of Article' can be change with anything you want.
10. save your template.
11. Choose Setting Tab -->> Formatting
12. In "Post Template" area, type this code and save.
<span id="fullpost">
13. Done....

One thing to remember, same with the other version of readmore ... when you writing an article, make that format become like this:
your summary
<span id="fullpost">
your article until finis
Enjoy it.


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