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3 Important Thing to Make Good Site

Friday, December 24, 2010 Posted by One-4-All

Last time i was published an article about dedicated hosting. But there are another things that we should know when we want to start build a web or site.
  1. Domain Name
  2. Web Design
  3. Web Hosting Service
  • Domain Name
  • A domain is your identity of your site, for example or It will make different between your site and another site. When you have your domain name, as long as you are renew it, there are no body can make a domain as same as you are.
    There are two parts to a domain ,the domain name itself, and the TLD (top level domain) extension. The most popular TLD is the .com extension, usually it is synonymous with commercial .
    There are another TLD to choose for your domain.
    • .org : synonymous with organization
    • .info :synonymous with online Online information
    • .biz : synonymous with business
    • .tv ; synonymous with television site
    • .gov ; synonymous with government

    and another TLD that it was according to regional.
    • TLD for Indonesia regional
    • .us : TLD for United State of America regional
    • .cn : TLD for China regional
    • : TLD for Israel regional
    • .my : TLD for Malaysia regional
    • etc

    You must remember that there are the minimum registration duration when you choose a domain name. it is usually take for one year. but some TLDs such as .US require a minimum of two years. Like i said before, you must renew your domain registration to keep it.

  • Web design
  • Your web or site will be need web design. it will be need to make web or site preface. A great web design will be make your site or web have an easy navigation for a people who want to explore it.
    There are a several different options that you can choose to getting a web design.
    1. Get a Webpage Made for You
    2. Do It Yourself
    3. Use a template
    4. Site Creators

  • Web Hosting
  • You can read about web hosting definition in my last article. Honestly i'm not graduated from IT Technology school. and i don't know much about hosting, until i find some page. It all about the most people asked about web hosting.Web Hosts Service or Dedicated Hosting Servers.
    You must be careful when you choose web hosting sites for your web or site. It all depends on your web plan. If you have a plan to make a site with a lot of download file, picture or javascript, you must choose a web hosting package with lots of bandwidth. You may also look for a connection. One company may provide expensive, but super-fast connections while another could provide slow but cheap bandwidth. It is good to test it yourself by visiting the web host's page multiple times throughout the day to see how fast their response loads up.

But it was another term that you should know when you decided to make a site with your own domain, like bandwidth, PHP, MySQL, and another else. I suggest you to read web hosting reviews first. You should also look for discount coupons on a site like It is a right decision if you read it first before you start it.

Best Regard

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Get Help for Your Science Homework

Sunday, November 07, 2010 Posted by One-4-All

Are you have bad day to finish your science homework? like a Life Science, Physical Science or Earth and Space Science? or you can help your children to solve their homework? or maybe you need somebody who have experience to do science homework help? I have a one reference for you. They are a great people. They are a man from TutorVista.

They can explain about science very well, like a balancing equation, ionic compound and another else. They Science Homework Help service is convenient and easy to use. To use they service all you need to do is upload your homework, and they will do for the rest.

Once you email a question to a TutorVista, you will receive a response within 48 hours. Before delivering the Science homework to you, a people from tutorvista will review it many times to ensure its accuracy and correctness.

Whether you need to tackle questions in Life Science, Physical Science or Earth and Space Science, our tutors will work with you to make everyday homework and assignments a breeze. You can opt for our Science Homework help service and get help online.

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Explicit Wordpress Theme

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 Posted by One-4-All

Explicit Wordpress Theme | Premium Wordpress Themes | Wordpress Themes - Blogger Templates
WordPress Themes Information:
Template Type : Premium WP Themes
It’s nice WordPress Theme for portfolio, business blog that takes advantage with all the amazing new wordpress 3.0 features.
Theme Features :

* All Fundamental Page Templates (main page, full-width page, search results, 404, contact, archives, author pages, post pages)
* 6 Additional Page Templates (blog, 3 portfolios, left sidebar page, right sidebar page)
* 3 Portfolio Layouts with 7 jQuery effects!
* Animated portfolio with category filtering!
* multiple CSS Styles
* Text Logo (+ tagline)
* Image logo
* 30+ custom easy to use Shortcodes
* Drag & drop Sidebar
* Drag & drop Footer
* Breadcrumb
* Cufon Font Replacement (separately for H1, H2, H3, H4)
* CSS Font Eeplacement
* 8 Custom Fonts to Choose From
* Custom Twitter Updates Widget
* Custom Flickr Images Widget
* Contact Form Widget with ALL possible fields!
* Accordion Content Slider
* Show/Hide Toggler
* Coin Slider inside posts
* Threaded comments ready
* Unlimited Sidebars
* Different Sidebar Per Post/Page

jQuery, Flash, Sliders etc.

* 5 Image Sliders
* jQuery Animated Nivo Image Slider
* jQuery Animated Menu (LavaLamp)
* jQuery Animated Accordion Image Slider (1kb only!)
* jQuery Animated Drop-down menu (SuperFish)
* jQuery Animated Coin Slider
* jQuery Animated Custom Image Slider (3 layouts!)
* jQuery prettyPhoto (with videos, images and flash content)
* 3D Flash Slider! (Piecemaker)
* Custom Text instead of slider
* Custom Image instead of slider
* 60+ sliders transition effects!

Code, PSDs, documentation etc.

* 100% Valid XHTML
* Compatible with all major browsers (IE7, IE8 , Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari)
* Layered PSD files
* Detailed, well-written documentation
* Further updates

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Creation Wordpress Theme | Premium Wordpress Themes | Wordpress Themes - Blogger Templates

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 Posted by One-4-All

Creation Wordpress Theme | Premium Wordpress Themes | Wordpress Themes - Blogger Templates

Creation is a simple, clean and minimalist business wordpress theme suitable for company, business, portfolio, photography and corporate sites. Creation WordPress Theme takes advantage with all the amazing new WordPress 3.0 features.
Theme Features :

* Valid HTML5
* 2 Styles Layout
* WordPress 3.0
* New Custom Post Type for Slider
* New Custom Post Type for Portfolio
* New Menu Manager
* Auto Image Resizing with New Post Thumbnail
* 4 Sidebar Position
* Custom Widget
* jQuery Cycle
* jQuery PrettyPhoto
* Multi Level Dropdown Menu
* Cufon font replacement
* Option to use lightbox when clicking portfolio item
* Contact Page that compatible with Easy Contact plugin
* Cross Browser Compatible
* Well Documented
* PSD files Included

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10 Blogger Template With Nice Header Background

Monday, May 10, 2010 Posted by One-4-All

10 Blogger Template With Nice Header Background | Blogger Tutorial, Blogger Trick, Blogger Tools

I have made an blogger tutorial about blogger template, How to Change Blogger Template.

Now i want to share my 10 blogger template with nice header background, and it is adapted from wordpress themes. There are my blogger template collection. I was published it in my blogger template gallery blog.

You can click the image to donwload that template. There are a free template, so you can use it with free.

Click image to download.

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