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Scrubs as Your Holiday Gift

Monday, December 21, 2009 Posted by One-4-All

Holiday will come soon, but i doesn't have a gift for my friends. How about you? You have it? Or you haven't it yet? I give you a suggest for your holiday gift. You should try use scrubs as your holiday gift.

Scrubs are the shirts and trousers or gowns worn by nurses, surgeons, and other operating room personnel when "scrubbing in" for surgery. They are designed to be simple with minimal places for dirt to hide, easy to launder, and cheap to replace if damaged or stained irreparably. The wearing of scrubs has been extended outside of surgery in many hospitals. Originally issued as replacement clothing if street clothing was contaminated, scrubs are now worn by any hospital personnel in any clean environment. Now it have been popular in almost hospital. Several hospitals around the UK have opted for uniforms and scrubs for staff, especially in Accident and Emergency departments.

I am remember that i have old friend who work in hospital as a nurse. I think it will be a great idea if i give nursing shoes for her. The most thing that i remember from her is her foot. She has beautiful legs with nice fingers. I hope she will be happy.


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