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Free Conference Call From ConferenceGenie

Monday, December 21, 2009 Posted by One-4-All

I was meet my old friends yesterday. One of them is my best friend in college. He doesn't work in factory or office. He just stay at home and work online.

He said,"I enjoy working online than in office or factory. I got a new knowledge from it. Now i can make my own blog or site. And i am join for review program in internet".

I do not think that he will be able to make web. He didn't take IT in a collage. Now he try to make web course as his new business. He try to make an online web course, and use conference call. Wow, it is a great idea.

Talking about web conference call, it is a call in which the calling party wishes to have more than one called party listen in to the audio portion of the call via internet. Usually it used to conduct live meetings, training, or presentations via the Internet. There are free conference call that you should to try if you have online business. This service was offer by ConferenceGenie. Conference Genie was founded in 2006 and is now the UK's leading conference call service provider. Their technology, developed in-house, supports many other UK and European service providers. It is built using the latest digital technology to ensure crystal clear call quality.

Conference call with Conference Genie is completely free! You just pay the cost of your phone call - only 4.3p during the day. It's even cheaper after 6pm and all weekend using their dedicated 0844 8 360 360 number - only 1.7p from BT landlines.


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