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Vertical Navigation Bar

Monday, May 25, 2009 Posted by One-4-All

Navigation bar or most often people said it Navbar is one of tools that is use to explore something. I use it to help a visitor to explore my blog. Almost template use it in horizontal style like this.

horizontal navigation bar

But i was used two type in my another blog.... tipsandcara, horizontal type and vertical type. My navigation bar in vertical type have appearance like this one:

When my visitor want to explore my blog, just click and list of my blog will appear.... like this one:

To use that style, there is a couple things to do.
1. click this link to download package that contain the script and image that used in this trick.

Upload all of in contain to your favorite web hosting (ripway, photobucket, hotlinkfiles, or something else). Write the URL, it will be use in next step.

2.Copy and paste this code to your template before </head>. Before you insert the code, you must change "your Script URL" with yours.

3.Copy and paste this code after ]]></b:skin> and before </head>.

there are several word that you must change. There is plus.gif, minus.gif, glossyback.gif, glossyback2.gif with yours URL of that image.

4.Go to layout template in blogger account, click "Page Element" and then click add a gadget. Click "HTML/Javascript" option. Inside that option, add this code.

Change that code with your own links. Save your template and see the result.

Enjoy it.


freddy on May 26, 2009 at 4:17 PM said...

wow..colourful blog....i like ur blog...bhs inggris dikit..dikit...

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