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Use Your Twitter To Earn Money

Saturday, January 09, 2010 Posted by One-4-All

Online media has opened door for every individuals to earn money. Internet now become popular media to promote something. It relative cheaper that the others. Among many ways, Google Adsense is one of the most popular ways to earn money. Another thing that we can do to make money in online media (internet) is buy and sell links. We put another links in our sites and they will send money as a payments. Advertisers add their advertisement, publisher creates content and builds traffic, and mediator (in this case Google) is the middle man between the publisher and the advertiser.

But now after the rise of social media, sites like Twitter have created different channel of earning money. Currently affiliate marketing is getting very popular in all the social media sites. Here are the five top ways to earn money from the Twitter.

Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is a way in which you can make a tweet with monetary value. Sponsored Tweets is just like Pay per Post. You tweet an advertiser’s message and earn from it. Regarding the rules and regulation, SponsoredTweets facilitates an open relationship between the Tweeters and Advertisers. The Tweeters that engage in a sponsored tweets program are required to disclose their relationship with marketers in their communications with other consumers.


In Twitvert, Advertisers first create a campaign in which they will specify the message and the time to tweet that message. Then Twivert finds an appropriate twitterer to publish the advertisement. Once the Twitterer confirms the specification mentioned by the Advertiser, the system starts to tweet on behalf of the tweeter and hence the Advertisers are charged.

The system has fraud detection mechanism to filter the fraud clicks. Twivert lets you earn money by tweeting Pay Per Click ads. Payment limit is $30 via PayPal.

The model of RecTwt is also quite similar to that of Sponsor Tweets and Twivert. CPC ads start at as low as 10 cents per click, and CPT (cost of per tweet per thousand followers) ads start as low as $0.30. RevTwt pays you for tweeting either pay-per-click or pay per thousand (followers). You get paid when you reach $20 (PayPal).


BeTweeted provides a system where Advertisers can compensate Twitter users for introducing a specific URL to their followers, presumably with some level of personal recommendation and introduction. It also encourages the inclusion of that advertiser’s Twitter Username by means of a @reply or RT function that will ultimately build followers for the advertiser. The catch is, however, that twitterers are paid based on click-throughs, not impressions.`

BeTweeted is a Pay Per Click ad network. All the tweets are manually triggered. You can choose the links you want to tweet and get paid per click.

NXY is a quite a different service than others. It removes the presence of middle man and lets the user control everything. The main concept is to allow users personalize the link that he/she is tweeting or distributing over his/her network. allows user to customize the landing page and brand it uniquely. The system also creates a short URL which is unique to the user. User can also add Google Adsense on the frame and distribute the link. User will earn through their Google Adsense. This provides a unique way for an individual to work on his/her strategy

For advertiser, NXY provides a way by which they can create their own account and invite other NXY marketers to tweet for the advertiser. All the communication takes place between the advertiser and the marketer. Nxy provides all the facility to monitor marketer’s performance and make a deal. This is known as corporate dashboard, where advertiser will have access to all the statistics of marketer’s performance.


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