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Acne Scar Treatment For Your Skin Health

Saturday, December 05, 2009 Posted by One-4-All

"Oh no. What it is? What happened to my face? There are something in my face. There are spots. I am feel not beautiful anymore."

People, especially woman, will scared if they have acne. Acne is the most dislike thing. It will make your face become scary. For some people, this will make they are be difficult to get along with others. For that reason, people hate acne.

Several factors are known to be linked to acne:
  • Family/Genetic history. The tendency to develop acne runs in families. For example, school-age boys with acne often have other members in their family with acne as well. A family history of acne is associated with an earlier occurrence of acne and an increased number of retentional acne lesions.
  • Hormonal activity, such as menstrual cycles and puberty. During puberty, an increase in male sex hormones called androgens cause the follicular glands to grow larger and make more sebum.
  • Inflammation, skin irritation or scratching of any sort will activate inflammation.
  • Stress. While the connection between acne and stress has been debated, scientific research indicates that "increased acne severity" is "significantly associated with increased stress levels". The National Institutes of Health (USA) list stress as a factor that "can cause an acne flare". A study of adolescents in Singapore "observed a statistically significant positive correlation […] between stress levels and severity of acne".
  • Hyperactive sebaceous glands, secondary to the three hormone sources above.
  • Bacteria in the pores. Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) is the anaerobic bacterium that causes acne. In-vitro resistance of P. acnes to commonly used antibiotics has been increasing.
  • Use of anabolic steroids.
  • Exposure to certain chemical compounds. Chloracne is particularly linked to toxic exposure to dioxins, namely Chlorinated dioxins.
  • Chronic use of amphetamines or other similar drugs.
I have this in the past, i mean that my face have acne. And i didn't know how to make it gone. I just push the acne. Yes, it was gone. But my face become damage and my face become discoloration. So, when you have acne in your face, you should get a right treatment. Many Treatment to make it disappear. One of the treatment to make your face free form acne is acne scar treatment. All of ZENMED’s Derma Cleanse formulations are created for long-term clear skin. They have based all of our formulations on the exfoliating qualities of alpha and beta hydroxy acids that will prevent dead skin build-up from happening in the first place, hence preventing pimple formation. This inspired approach treats all steps of the Acne cycle: Preventing it, clearing the existing pimples faster, and healing any discoloration or damage.


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always have acne problem.... soalnya mukanya berminyak hehehehehe

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owww, im scare to see the picture friend, keep healthy our skin with natural food and organic herbaL

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do not cure acne with antibiotics, except for forced and over-prescription of resistance because the risk is very dangerous for yourself.

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