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Your Employees Are Worked, Are You?

Sunday, November 15, 2009 Posted by One-4-All

Become a boss or say it as a manager is not an easy thing. They have many jobs to do in their daily activity. One of them is watching and ensure that all of their people was worked. I said it with people management control. People management control is hard to do. Because we meet a lot of character. Some of them are honest people, and some others are not. But, it is they job and the shareholders want all of employees was get productivity. So, many company was installed a tracking software for their employees.

Employees Tracking Software is the right tools to monitoring your employees and of course it help you to get your target, for example productivity. One of the famous tracking software is ActivTrak. ActivTrak is short for Activity Tracker, and after just a few minutes of evaluation you will see why ActivTrak is the best way to keep track of how your company's or school's computers are being used and why ActivTrak is called the "friendly employee monitoring software". ActivTrak software allows managers to keep an eye on how their computers are actually being used. For each Windows workstation, it records statistics on application use and websites visited including document titles and URL's. Maybe if you not used this software you doesn't know that one of your men just only chatting in gmail or online to facebook. With this tool, you will know what are they doing with their computer. You will see computer activity like this screen shoot.
With ActivTrack you can do a lot of thing to monitoring your workers, like as:
  • Track application use in realtime (caption, description, executable, url etc.)
  • Monitor multiple user sessions, in realtime, from a single screen.
  • Compile total usage statistics for applications, documents, websites, and subpages.
  • Display remote screen images on demand or with automatic refresh.
  • Use advanced filtering to aid interpretation or to simplify handling of many months worth of data.
  • Set alarms to notify you of unusual user activity.
  • Record idle time, independent of screensaver activity.
  • Send messages or open chat sessions with users.
  • Use the network operating system's authorization system to secure ActivTrak.
So......Don't let you cheated by your workers.


an_indecent_mind on November 16, 2009 at 7:41 PM said...


nice info~

how about "how to monitor if your boss is watching what you're doing, and how not to be monitored" on your next post? hahaha!

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