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Welcome Back My Data

Wednesday, November 04, 2009 Posted by One-4-All

Data RecoveryOh my God, what have i done? i think that i didn't anything with my PC for last couple week. But when i turn on my PC, i can't open any files. All of my work files was changed into .exe type. I will lost my data. I am very frustrated. I just think that I had to rework all the work data which i have done. It will take a long time.

I am just a person who doesn't know about computer. So, i don't know that it can be recovery. Data can be back normally or just a half of data, according to risk level. I get my phone, and i call IT staff to help fix my problem. And then he try to fix it. Every hours i was take a look about progress. I hope all of my data can be back normally. And finally, it was finished. My It staff just smile and smile. He told me my data was back, even there aren't all of my data was back. He said to me that i must do several thing to avoid loss data in the future.
  • Try to update my operating system periodically
  • Get an update for antivirus
  • Be sure to backup your data into another disk
  • Never to try enter a bad sites
Why? because he said that this problem was caused by virus.

Talking about data recovery, i want to know more about it. So, i start to search in google search engine. I type data recovery for a keyword, and there are 49,800,000 results. One of the results is data recovery memphis. when i look for the result, i think that this problem often show especially for anybody who doesn't know how to use computer and make a data safe. Maybe it can be happen to you. You must prepare it and i hope you do not fall on this problem.


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