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Tuesday, October 20, 2009 Posted by One-4-All

Justice is the most dream thing for everybody. But to get justice is a hard thing. There are several cases that some people was feel injustice. For example, they lose in their law court, even though they are not wrong. But for something "hidden" reason, they was won a bad people who are make mistake. But, all people in justice court, they are judges, lawyers, and attorneys, try to give a better services. They are accept advice and complaints. One of them is Attorney Feedback.

Many of attorneys now are make a feedback page in their website. They hope it can bring to make they are become better. They accept all of customers voice, include suggestion, complaint or just say thank you. Here is an examples of attorney feedback that i have found in internet.
  • One attorney, providing feedback on my performance in a civil case in federal court, said that I effectively managed the case from start to finish [,] . . . identified what was necessary to win the case, devised a plan of action, executed the plan of action and won the case.
  • Another attorney said that I "score[ ] high marks for . . . courtroom presence, and . . . ability to conduct a deposition in hostile settings."
  • An attorney that I worked with on a large piece of international litigation commented that I was "an excellent writer . . . able to weave extremely complicated facts into a persuasive story, and . . . can quickly distill complex issues and volumes of research into manageable and well-organized arguments."
  • Summarizing my strengths, another attorney wrote: "INCREDIBLE. . . . [S]trong in virtually any category I can think of: intellect, writing, oral advocacy, common sense, intuition, initiative, responsibility, client communication."
  • One attorney commented that I was "an extremely gifted lawyer."
  • After working with me on an aviation disaster case, an attorney commented that I was "creative in digging for facts and strategies outside the normal channels."
  • Co-counsel in a piece of high stakes pro bono litigation commented that I was "the most enthusiastic lawyer [she] ha[d] seen in a long time."
Source from josephmwest also have attorney feedback page. They are compiling data (to be sourced) specifically regarding the Florida Personal Injury Attorney and Real Estate Attorneys market from an attorneys perspective with law student reaction . Attorneys, Lawyers and law students, if you have any such data complied they would be interested in including it in our study. is a great thing. And i hope all people will get justice in their life.


Riezky Maulana on October 20, 2009 at 4:20 PM said...

I hope so, I'll get justice in my life... :) Thanks for the info about, but btw, is it available in my country too? or only for US area?


radkenz on October 23, 2009 at 9:40 AM said...

nice article... thanx for the info

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