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Wall Street Survivor The Best Stock Market Simulator

Monday, August 24, 2009 Posted by One-4-All

Wall Street Survivor

Wall Street Survivor is the greatest stock market simulation game. This is the right choice If you’re looking for the best online stock market simulator, or just to learn how to trade online. But who they are? They are a group that thinks online investing is fun, challenging and potentially very lucrative. And we want you to share in the fun and excitement of trading. They have contributed the top business schools in the united states in stock market simulations since 1990.

Now, they have brought the same real-world trading technology with highest accuracy, reliability and robustness to the general public. So, everybody can learn and study about how to trade a stock like become a professional stock trader.

You can learn anything about how to trade a stock in Wall Street Survivor web.
  1. You can learn about stock trading terms to make yourself familiar with the words you will be reading about.
  2. How to choose a broker: After you have paper traded for a while at Wall Street Survivor and are comfortable risking your own money in the stock markets, you need to select a stock broker.
  3. You can learn how place a trade to open a position with stocks so you can to know how to get out of the position before the time comes. The free online stock trading process at Wall Street Survivor is almost exactly like the trading process at the biggest trading brokers out there.
  4. Learning about different types of stock charts.
  5. Learning about how to getting started with, and understanding risk and money management techniques to help minimize any losses and protect potential profits.
  6. Learning about different stock trading strategies.
  7. Learning about different types of trading based on specific trading time frames.
  8. learning how to performing your own stock market research.
  9. Learn to review some history of past Bear Markets so you are aware of what could happen in a down trending market and how to take advantage if the need arises.
  10. Understanding what short selling is and how to do it.

After the experience and knowledge gained from playing Wall Street Survivor, you will have the skills to take charge of your financial future. As a Survivor, you’ll gain access to our Research Center where you can select and review a vast array of personalized market data, charts, a stock screen, earnings calendar, a watch list, as well as news and other research tools that broaden your market knowledge and confidence so you can make informed trading and investment decisions. You can play to win $100,000 in Wall Street Survivor Stock Market Contest also.
Wall Street Survivor


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