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SERP and Blog Rank Monitoring Tool

Friday, August 14, 2009 Posted by One-4-All

SERP MonitoringSERP or Search Engine Ranking Position is our blog position in search engine when someone use search engine with a some keyword. Search engine as we know is the most tool that was used to find something in internet. We can get a lot of thing with this tool. A lot of people used it. So, search engine will be help us to get more visitor into our blog or web. But, of course the blog with have a good SERP will be get more visitor from search engine. Your blog have a good SERP? How to know it?
Search Engine Result

There are several way to know our blog SERP. By using SERP online checker like serprank or using webmasters or the other free service. Now, there are a free service to monitoring our blog SERP. It was called mazecore
Mazecore is one tool to monitoring our blog SERP. This is free service. To get this service, it's a easy way. Just go to Mazecore website and register our blog and add keywords which want to be monitoring. When you was registered, you can monitoring until 5 blog or web. But, the maximum keywords that was offered to us are 19 keywords. I was used it to monitoring my template blog,
SERP Postion

I love this service very much. This service not only can monitoring our blog SERP, this tool can be used to monitoring our blog ranking (pagerank), backlink, and also indexed site by search engine.

Ranking Postion

So, i think you must use it for your blog or web. And we hope our blog will be get a great SERP. Just click this link .....(Mazecore SERP and Blog Rank Monitoring Tool).

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