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Care Your Eyes with High Indexed Prescription Eyeglasses

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 Posted by One-4-All

We must often in front of the computer or notebook for a long time. Do our jobs, make an article or just make a have fun, like chatting, play a games, etc. it make our eyes get irritation, or maybe for a long time it will make our eyes get abnormal condition.
One the solution for this thing, Eyeglasses. Now, eyeglasses is one of lifestyle in our life. But one i hate for this eyeglasses is it make me look a stupid. But a famous designer make the style of eyeglasses become a goodstyle now, for example eyeglasses from glasses shop. The product have a good model, good look, and of course good quality. This store also have a good service for their customer.

High-indexed Prescription Eyeglasses——CARE your eyes. Care of your eyes, there is Glassesshop motto. Their dedicated to give a solve for our eyes problem. Like i said before, that one thing that i hated when i use a eyeglasses is a model. Sometime i look my face become a stupid person when used eyeglasses. Glassesshop give a solution for this thing. They give a good model with a lot of variant. starting with frame style, frame material, frame width and the other solution.

A glasssesshop offer a lot of type in frame style model. They have a lot of frame type.
  • Full Frame
  • Rimless
  • Semi-rimless
  • Classic
  • Retro
  • Fashion
  • Wood-like
  • Clip-on's
  • Aviator
Their also have a different material for a frame.
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Titanium
  • Bendable

What is the advantages if we buy eyeglasses from glassesshop? there is a reason.

  • 100% Accuracy Guaranteed and Very Strict Quality Control

  • Lens laboratories staffed by trained professionals. All products must pass our six steps of quality inspection before shipping.

  • Unbeatable Savings Anywhere Online

  • Our mission is to provide quality eyewear at unbeatable prices.
    1. All our goods are purchased directly from the factory. In this way we can cut out a great deal of unnecessary expenditure by removing intermediate agencies, such as exporters, importers, wholesalers, retailers and so on. Thus we save a lot of money for our customers. This will save about 15% of the retail price.

    2. We use Web sales, instead of store sales. Thus we cut out the high cost of store rental and sales staff wage costs. This will save about 5%of the retail price.

    3. We purchase large quantities in the off-season, because a huge single purchase can get a very good discount, our procurement cost is about 70% of others. Thus we save another 10% of the retail price.

    4. We use standardized packaging, which will reduce packaging costs. We do not use high-class packaging materials such as leather. What we use is very standardized, low-cost, and environmentally friendly materials. This saves about 10% of the prices.

    5. We buy large quantity of overstock products at a very low purchase price. These products are mainly hot-selling products which are over-produced by the factory. We guarantee no quality problems exist, as we have a series of quality control process.

    6. We do provide a variety of goods, but not complete. It is because we only purchase the classics instead of costly new arrivals. Compared to the latest models, which is always very expensive, the affordable classics are most people's yearning.

  • Free 100% UV Protection and Scratch Proof Multi-Hard Coating

  • Free Hard Case, Bags and Lens Cloth

And niw we can get point when we buy on ther website. When your Points are more than 50, they can also be used to exchange for frames of equal value.
When your Points are more than 100, they can also be used to exchange for frames of equal value, or eyeglasses of equal value (frame + lenses).
If you place an order by your points, you can also get points, but the points you use in this purchase can't add points to your account. For example, the amount of your purchase is $100, if you pay $100, we would add 10 points to your account; if you use 50 points and pay $50, we would add 5 points to your account; if you use 100 points and there is no point for you.

So, protect your eyes wit a good eyeglasses.


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