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Track Your Blog With Google Analytics

Monday, June 01, 2009 Posted by One-4-All

For blog owner definitely want that their blog visited by many people. We can know how many visitor, where are they come from, what source that visitor know about our blog, or something else with one tool. It's call Google Analytics. Google helps us to monitoring statistics about our blog, with feature to track "visit overview", "map overlay", "traffic source overview", "content overview", and many more. How do install this tool to blog Easy and so simple.

There are several steps to install Google Analytics in your blog.
1. Go to Google Analytics website. And then click "Sign Up Now" link on the website.
2. After you click that link, you need to sign up with your google account.
3. You will redirect to another page on "Google Analytics" to sign up your web/blog that you want to track with this tool.

On that page, you must fill a data:
a. Website's URL : (Your web/blog URL)
b. Account Name : (it's can be fill with your name or your blog name)
c. Time zone country or territory : (fill with your country, ex: indonesia)
d. Time zone : (fill with your time zone area, ex: GMT+7.00 Jakarta)

4. After that, you must be insert the tracking code to your web/blog template. Its code add before </body>.
5. It's time to verification your blog. Click "Edit" link, and then click check status.
6. Now, we just waiting until "Google Analytics" was verified your blog. When your web/blog was verified, in your status will appear check sign.

Well.... Now our blog was integrated with Google Analytics Tools. Easy right??
For more information just click the picture.

Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3 | Step 4 | Step 5 | Step 6

(click to enlarge)

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