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Change Blogger Template

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 Posted by One-4-All


Sometime we feels boring about our blogger template. Sometime we want some more attractive template, sometime we want a more simple template.(I dream this thing)The most question is how to change it? How to make our eagerness become true? Now i want to share how to this. I will write some article about it.

Ok, to safe our time I will start it.
First, we must have a template that will be use. we can download it from a web. For an example you can download in, or in this site, or in, and many more site that offering a free template.
but must be remember, sometime we download in zip file or rar file. we must extract first.
After have a template, we must log in into our blog. I'm sure that we was know how to log in. Go to layout, and then go to "edit HTML", and then browse your template file.
After that click upload. Wait it until upload process was finished. I suggess you take a rest for a moment, drink coffee maybe...,or make a call your friends, or something to relaxation your body.(just tips...)

Finish...?? if no one instruction on your monitor, it's mean your process was success. But if appear in your monitor, you must fix that instruction.
for an example, if that was appear "More than one widget was found with id: Label1. Widget IDs should be unique", it means in your code, there is a two item (see the line word) with have a same number. You must make it different number. So, you must change the code.

Error Messages
I hope this article can be help for anyone, essepecially for a newbie like me.

Have fun.


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