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Adsense in blogger posting

Sunday, May 03, 2009 Posted by One-4-All

Adsense can be display in sidebar, footer or in header. But one of most important in blogger layout is the post area. Why? because a lot of people interesting in this area, for one reason to look a good article. So why not put your adsense in this area, so it's can be more impossiblity to saw by visitor than in sidebar, header or footer area.A lot area in post page to put your adsense. Below the post title, beside your post, or the end of your post.

1. To put your adsense below post title, follow below instruction.


2. To put your adsense beside the post, follow below instruction.


To put your adsense right or left beside your post, just change <div style='float-left;'> kode left 0r rigth according to your choice.

3. To put your adsense the end of the post, follow below instruction.


For article in indonesian languange look this site...... cara menampilkan adsense di blog ......bagian 2

Enjoy this.


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